who we are


The Original Bryant Center opened in the northeast side of Oklahoma City in September of 1960. It featured a bowling alley, dance center, a restaurant and a private club. Bryant Center was the epicenter of life for the long suppressed “negro” section of town and as quoted by the Oklahoman, featured “activities for both whites and negros”. This seemingly wonderful addition was the epicenter of black events for the east city. Everything from “Miss Black Oklahoma” to Martin Luther King Sr. 

Being from the NE side of OKC, I have always appreciated the stories of the elders who often spoken about “the way it used to be”. When all the people in the community knew each other, worked together, went to school and church together and played together. On the weekends, they would go hang out and party at The Bryant Center. Whenever they would talk about those times, their faces would light up. You could feel the sense of joy and pride the had for the community that once existed.  

In looking for a property to buy so that I could open an event center. I came across the property located at 2200 N Bryant Ave. I knew immediately that I would name it The Bryant Center to bring back the sense of community as we move into a new era in NE OKC. 

It is my ultimate goal to create a space where people of all races and backgrounds can feel the warmth and love of friends and family as they gather together in one place to celebrate life, family, faith and friendships.